Baby Cakes

Original tunes and classic funk, soul, and R&B

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We are honored to be recognized by our fans and music community!

Hailing from the Bellingham area, Baby Cakes first formed on New Year's Eve 2014. Since then they've wowed audiences with live performances throughout the Pacific Northwest at live music venues, festivals, weddings, and corporate events.

A 10-piece powerhouse of highly experienced and talented musicians, Baby Cakes takes their audiences on a luxurious joyride through the golden age of American Soul, funk, and R&B.

Featuring male and female lead vocals and full horn and rhythm sections, Baby Cakes brings to life the spirit, energy, and emotion of the most popular classic music in history. Playing everything from Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, and Earth, Wind, and Fire to Beyonce and Bruno Mars, Baby Cakes is a multi-generational experience that will make you want to dance the night away.

Baby Cakes is also writing, performing, and recording a suite of new original songs in the spirit of Muscle Shoals. With a combined total of more than 70 years of performance experience, Baby Cakes has earned the label, Supergroup.

Drummer and Manager, Kevin Chryst, known widely as Kreestoe, electrifies on the sticks, his brown dreadlocks flying in step with the music, the joy of the work emanating from his face. That energy is balanced well by Baby Cakes’ keyboardist, Richard Keene’s, unparalleled concentration. 

Including Chryst, Baby Cakes rhythm section, made up of bassist, Jeff Ballew, phenomenal guitarist and vocalist, Miles Harris solidly back Baby Cakes’ diminutive lead vocalist, Stephanie Walbon. Her continually impressive vocals reach incredible heights with steady power.

The Cakes' horn section impresses. Trumpet Jeremiah Austin’s intensity meshes well with Cakes’ solid trombone, Mars Lindgren. Saxophones Tyler Rogers and Tom Garcia help make Baby Cakes memorable sound that is rounded out nicely by the powerful supporting vocals of Ebony Harris.

Performers include:

Stephanie Walbon (Vocals)
Miles Harris (Guitar & Vocals)
Ebony Harris (Vocals)
Kevin Chryst (Drums)
Jeff Ballew (Bass)
Richard Keene (Keys)
Jeremiah Austin (Trumpet)

Mars Lindgren (Trombone)
Tyler Rogers (Saxophone)
Tom Garcia (Saxophone)

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